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  New Wollok Gramsci released!

Wollok 1.7.0 version is here, with several enhancements

  • properties concept allows to remove boilerplate code (no need for getters and setters anymore)
  • named parameters simplify object initialization (constructors still exist for more complex cases)
  • decimal numbers have now many configuration, such as how many decimal positions you want to use, decimal coercion strategy (rounding, truncating or error) and also how will a number be printed
  • great performance improvements to Wollok Game framework were made, many students will practice its UI interface this year
  • improved error reporting in console and tests
  • environment interface is minimalist without loosing functionality. User doesn’t get overwhelmed by a bunch of options he never uses.

Here you can check all issues solved for versions 1.6.7 (pre-release) and 1.7.0

Wollok did a long ride!

2017 has been a special year: we brought Wollok Project to all the world:

  • in july, a new release was published: Wollok Freire, a tribute to this great educator. Meet what’s new!
  • more than ten open meetings and hackatons organized, so we are right now a wonderful work team.
  • and we attended many conferences and events to let Wollok be known


Lucas Spigariol showing Wollok Freire in last Information Systems Engineering Congress, at Santa Fe Technological University. As a consequence, Wollok aroused great interest in many attendants.

UTN FRD Workshop

Nicolás Passerini exhibited Wollok main motivation in the III Workshop of Information Systems Engineering at UTN - Facultad Regional Delta. So we could take a time to think again objectives and overall process of software teaching.


Carlos Lombardi, Nicolás Passerini y Fernando Dodino presented a Wollok poster in I Congress of Open and Citizen Science, at La Plata City. There they explained this tool to teachers and secondary & university students from different parts of Latin America.


Nicolás Passerini, Carlos Lombardi, Javier Fernándes, Pablo Tesone y Fernando Dodino wrote down a new paper: "Wollok: language + IDE for a gentle and industry-aware introduction to OOP", approved and exposed in 2017 Latin-American Conference on Learning Technologies, at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

  What are we working on?

You can see here the complete list of “in-progress” issues for next release and what we already did.