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  Wollok Juana Azurduy released!

3.0.0 version is a tribute to Juana Azurduy, marshal of Alto Peru, great leadership of the independence for both Argentina and Bolivia.

There’s also an upgrade for the wollok-cli tool, version 3.2.0. You can work with your preferred CI workflow, such as Github Actions.

  • a new set of icons was chosen, taking into account visually impaired people and enhancing user experience

  • a clearer icon and a warning on the REPL console whenever you work without an associated file:

consola REPL sin archivo

Remember that you can always restart REPL console from scratch, or rerun last session commands as shown in our Wollok tour.

  • you can also work with dark mode theme, easily configured following instructions in tour page.

  • new simplified syntax for object instantiation and mixin linearization (check out our documentation)

  • enhancements made for Wollok Game will help you to create awesome games!

  • constructors were deleted, favoring only named parameters + initialize method also for describes (replacing fixtures)

You can check solved issues here.

Moving on!

Since June 2021, we started working on a new environment: : wollok-ts. We’ll enjoy developing a lot of new tools. If you wish to participate, join us!