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What is Wollok?

Wollok is not only a programming language but also an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) specially designed for teaching initial OOP courses. It is a great tool to incrementally add every OO concept, allowing the students to program from the beginning!

A pedagogical tool...

  • How to teach
    • Gradually adding complexity
    • Programming since first day
  • What to teach
    • Focusing on concepts
    • Easy to work then with industrial languages
  • Learning from errors
    • Early error detection
    • Type inference system
    • Additional and configurable validations
  • Simple
    • Lightweight and intuitive syntax
    • One reserved word = One concept
    • "Wollok Game" graphical user interface
    • Automatic diagram generation

...synced with current trends in software development

  • Object-oriented programming
    • "Well-known" objects as first approach
    • With classes and mixins, too
    • Has closure objects
    • "Straight" Polymorphism (no bureaucracy)
  • Developing software rather than programming
    • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • with unit testing and refactors
    • Git and SVN integration
  • A free and autonomous development
    • Created by teachers as an open project
    • Used in many national universities

Get deeper!

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